Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Faces of the Artists Quarter #50

Kenny Horst with Billy Peterson (2013)
© Andrea Canter

The legacy of the Artists Quarter begins and ends (at least, for now) with Kenny Horst, so it is fitting that I make him the first and final "face" of this series. But I also realize how many "faces" remain in mind, thinking back to years of music and camaraderie at St Paul's jazz version of "Cheers" -- no frills, everyone knew your name.... and they were always glad you came.  Something else, not sure what (or why) will be moving into the space in the Hamm Building. Some new incarnation of the AQ may well appear in another location - the effort continues.

Kenny and Dawn at his 70th birthday celebration (2013)
This final post is for the AQ family - Davis, David, Dan, Will, Jen, Dawn, Carole, Kelle, Don, Pat, Al and whomever I am leaving out, the supporters and workers behind the scenes; the hundreds of musicians from teens to 90+ who called the AQ their home stage, or home away from home in the case of the many out-of-town visitors.

And for Kenny: Thanks for taking a chance on the AQ; for bringing in the titanic musicians who for some reason did not generally appear anywhere else in town -- Tom Harrell, Eddie Gomez, Eric Alexander, Jim Rotondi, Diane Witherspoon, David Hazeltine, Rick Germanson, Pat Mallinger, Lew Tabackin, Lee Konitz, Jon Weber, etc.; for hosting young musicians from McNally Smith, Walker West, Minnesota Youth Jazz Band, Young Artists Showcase and freelancing teen and early-20-somethings; and most of all, for presenting a wide variety of area talents who deserved the opportunity to be heard in an environment that focused on the music.  The AQ kept serious jazz alive and built an audience that will continue to demand --and appreciate--this music in all its forms.  

Until the next AQ.  Thanks, Kenny.

A final high-five: Kenny Horst and Dean Magraw, New Year's Eve (2013)