Sunday, February 2, 2014

Faces of the Artists Quarter #49

Fat Kid Wednesdays (Adam, JT, Mike)

© Andrea Canter

When they were teenagers, in varying combinations, Adam Linz, Mike Lewis and JT Bates hung out often at the Artists Quarter on Jackson and found gigs for their first bands on the AQ stage. And ever since, the Twin Cities jazz community has listened  joyfully to Fat Kid Wednesdays as well as the other projects each has contributed to-- Happy Apple, Bryan Nichols Quintet, Dave King Trucking Company and more.

Adam Linz (2013)
Adam not only twists, turns and pirouettes with his partner acoustic bass, he also adds his trademark vocals, usually submerged to a faint scat, but seeming essential to his sound. No part of that bass is off limits to palms and fingers. Mike is a master of tenor, alto and soprano and usually shows up with all three at the ready, pacing back and forth as if to give his sound more momentum, which apparently it does. JT (profiled in an earlier "Faces") brings a wide range of antics to the drumkit to yield a vast repertoire of sound effects (and corresponding visuals).
Mike Lewis (2013)

Each of these musicians has credentials across Twin Cities (and international) venues; Fat Kids was a staple at the old Clown Lounge and now at least monthly at the Icehouse.  But it was always a special gig when FKW came into the Artists Quarter -- maybe because you knew you would be able to hear every note, every scrape and screech, and every bit of Adam's vocalese.