Friday, January 10, 2014

Faces of the Artists Quarter #38

Anthony Cox ("Lex", 2012)

© Andrea Canter

There's no shortage of fine bassists in the Twin Cities and none finer than Anthony Cox. We lost him to New York for a while, but he came "home" where he's kept busy at the Artists Quarter, Dakota, now Icehouse, Black Dog and more -- when he isn't touring or teaching. His early career included a stint with Stan Getz, and over time he's worked with Joe Lovano, Sam Rivers, Dewey Redman, Geri Allen, Arthur Blythe, and Uri Caine, among others. Closer to home, he's been in "Easy Company" with Bill Carrothers and Jay Epstein, the Jazz Is Now! and other ensembles led by Jeremy Walker, the short-lived trio dubbed Lex, and recently launched Happy Spirits with Solomon Parham, Peter Schimke and Kevin Washington.

Anthony Cox, 2004 TC Jazz Fest
One of the first times I heard Anthony Cox at the Artists Quarter was a "pick-up" trio with Craig Taborn and Dave King. King and Cox were supposed to play with guitarist Dean Granros that night, a trio called Siamese Fighting Fish. But Granros was called away on a family emergency, Taborn was in town for the holidays, and for one night only, we were treated to Garcia. There was some story about the origin of the band name. I forget what it was, and since it was just a one-off, it doesn't seem to matter now. But in December 2003, I got a big dose of Anthony Cox that night, on electric bass or perhaps it was both acoustic and electric. Whatever. It was electrifying! He can still make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Stand up and dance.

Anthony Cox (2013)