Thursday, December 26, 2013

Faces of the Artists Quarter #24

Dave Graf (2012)

 © Andrea Canter

We're accustomed to seeing the trombone in large ensembles, but Dave Graf has helped elevate the brass bone to chamber contexts, most notably with Brad Bellows in the popular quintet, Valve [Brad] Meets Slide [Dave],  often on stage at the Artists Quarter.  Of course we also hear Dave with a long list of other bands, from Dave Karr's Mulligan Stew to the JazzMN Orchestra, Pete Whitman X-Tet, Salsa Del Soul, Explosion Big Band and more. But when Valve Meets Slide, we get to hear the melodic side of the trombone in all its growling glory, as a leading solo voice, as the entire rhythm section coiled into one bad ax.

Brad Bellows and Dave Graf, "Valve and Slide"