Monday, December 23, 2013

Faces of the Artists Quarter - #20

Gordy Johnson (2010)

© Andrea Canter

For an Eastman School of Music flute graduate, Gordy Johnson is one heckuva bassist. Just watch the audience when Gordy is on the bandstand -- mostly, folks listen even during the bass solos! And if you just watch Gordy's face, you know he's hearing every note, every chord, every idea and responding... which is why we see Gordy on the band stand so often, with so many different musicians, from pianists like Laura Caviani and Chris Lomheim to large ensembles like the Pete Whitman X-Tet.  But we also see him alone on the bandstand before and between sets, making sure the piano is in tune. He knows every inch, every bolt, every string on the AQ's Yahama. And give or take a key that needs an overhaul, he makes sure that the sounds coming from that piano are the ones the pianist really intends! 

It's not enough that Gordy is the pulse of the band......if there's a piano, he's the keeper of the sound. From his ears to ours.