Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ann Marsden: Putting Artists in the Best Light


© Andrea Canter

I returned from a few days’ vacation to read the obituary for photographer Ann Marsden. If there was an artists’ artist, it was Ann. Be it dance or music or theater, Ann added something special, a shaft of light, a shadow, a glow…. some element that turned the artist(s) and his or her work into another art form.

I met Ann once, at the Artists Quarter where she was attending an X-Tet gig. Laura Caviani introduced us, figuring we might enjoy exchanging some “shop talk.” We did. Mostly I absorbed some advice from Ann about my plans to upgrade my camera. (That advice is still paying off.)

The last time I saw Ann was at the benefit for her at the Dakota in early 2011. What a diverse line-up of musicians and performers turned out to show their support that night.

I hope someone assembles a retrospective of Ann’s work. It will always inspire me.

Above photo from the benefit for Ann at the Dakota Jazz Club, January 10, 2011