Friday, January 20, 2012

Jazz Face: Mike Lewis

© Andrea Canter

If saxophonist Mike Lewis ever left the Twin Cities (and we are always afraid he will), there would be a sudden brown-out, at least musically. Aside from his amazing horn chops, Lewis infuses vital energy into everything he touches, from Fat Kid Wednesdays and Happy Apple to the Bryan Nichols Quintet, tours with Andrew Bird and his guest appearances last year with Adam Linz’s Charles Mingus project at MacPhail and Ann Millikan’s House of Mirrors experiment.

Last Sunday at the Artists Quarter, Lewis and fellow sax monster Brandon Wozniak anchored the Bryan Nichols Quintet + 1 performance of the music of the Keith Jarrett American Quartet, part of the Twin Cities Jazz Society’s Jazz from J to Z series. It seemed that music soared even higher than the original, in no small part due to Mike’s hair-flying, body-rocking, never-hold-back high-voltage improvisations that spattered, sputtered, spiraled and sprayed his notes in all directions.

Michael Lewis. Never unplugged.

You can next catch Mike at the Nomad World Pub on January 25th in the fine company of James Buckley, Martin Dosh and Tim Glenn as the “T Collective.” Bring any devices that need recharging.

Photos: Mike Lewis with Bryan Nichols and Brandon Wozniak at the Artists Quarter, January 15th. (Photos by Andrea Canter)