Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Keep Jazz Radio Alive - Join KBEM

© Andrea Canter

If you have been listening to KBEM radio this week, you know it is Fall Pledge time. And especially if you have been listening and are not already a member of Jazz 88, this is your chance to put your money where your ears are—tuned in to the only jazz radio station in Minnesota and one of few left nation-wide.

KBEM is unique, even as a jazz radio station. KBEM is a jazz education vehicle! Not only are listeners educated about various jazz styles, players and events by listening to various programs and interviews, but high school students from the Minneapolis Schools participate in a variety of learning experiences, from the skills of broadcasting and radio technology to the music of jazz. Student announcers augment the pros every day, and some have their own programs. Minneapolis South High students, for example write and present their own radio show. Further, KBEM goes well beyond the airwaves, sponsoring events like the jazz cruise, the Twin Cities Jazz Festival and Jazz After Work.

Check membership options online or listen to KBEM for more information about how you can keep jazz radio alive and thriving in the Twin Cities. Since matching funds are often available during pledge drives, this is the best time to join and show your support for KBEM. We have a true national treasurer on the air!

Photo: Student announcer Emmanuel Perry in the KBEM studio at North High School (photo by Andrea Canter)