Monday, October 8, 2007

Welcome to the JazzINK Blog!

October 8, 2007. Why am I doing a blog? I don't even own an I-Pod! You may already be familiar with my website, Or my contributions to I am not totally convinced that I have blogger credentials but I have been inspired by my friend Pamela (see her blog at Bebopified) who tells me I can be a technoidiot and do this. So we'll see about that. I post interviews, reviews, and news on JazzINK and Jazz Police so I see this blog as an opportunity to communicate in smaller ways about jazz and other subjects that rattle around in my brain from time to time. I'm also hoping this blog will interest you in visiting the JazzINK and Jazz Police sites. And this way I do not have to wait for my family techie (aka brother Larry) to post something for me on JazzINK. This is a do-it-yourself blog.